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Medel Star | Baby | Aerosol Therapy | First Aid Shop MEDEL Star Baby - Aerosol therapy System

Pleasant therapy time for parents and children

Medel STAR is a piston type compressor nebulizer system. The silent operation and the convenience of use make it an ideal device for home use. Medel Star comes with a very attractive design, to ensure a pleasant therapy time for parents and children. It is equipped with a complete range of accessories: nebulizer, mouthpiece, adult mask, pediatric mask, nosepiece and air tube. A funny colouring book with coloured pencils are included!

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Sale Price: €37.18 (45.73 inc VAT)
Medel | iCare | Blood Pressure Monitor | BP | First Aid Shop Medel iCare - Automatic blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth

Download and check your data everytime and everywhere

Medel iCARE is the upper arm blood pressure monitor used to carry out the measurement and monitoring of the arterial blood pressure values.

This allows to quickly and easily measure your blood pressure values. Data can be transferred on your smarthone using the ” Medel Health Check” app, available on Appstore and Google Play

Technical specifications

Pressure+/- 3 mmHg, Heart beats +/- 5%
Measurement range
Pressure from 30 to 250 mmHg; Pulse 40/180 heart beats/min.
Power supply
4 batterie AAA da 1,5 V
2x60 memory position
Systolic/Diastolic and Pulse display
Date and time
Irregular heart beat indicator
Average of measurements
LCD size (bxh)
7,6 x 7 cm
Cuff type
Cuff size
Universal 22-44 cm

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Sale Price: €45.45 (55.90 inc VAT)
Medel | Smart | Aerosol | First Aid Shop Medel Smart Aerosol - Portable aerosol therapy system

Ultra-compact aerosol therapy system with micro-compressor

Medel SMART is an ultra-compact aerosol therapy system with micro-compressor, easy to operate and quiet. The device easily fits the palm of your hand, weighs only 200 g and is very easy to carry, particularly suitable for travelling. Medel Smart is wireless, battery operated, and can be recharged comfortably like a mobile phone, thanks to the power supply adapter with micro USB cable included in the package. MEDEL Smart comes with a complete set of accessories and a practical bag that allows you to store the device and the accessories after use.

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Sale Price: €66.11 (81.32 inc VAT)